SIMON launches the new LED series
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In its 95 years of history, SIMON has been a leading and pioneering company in the electric industry. Developing built-in mechanisms, evolving switch design, and researching in home automation systems are only some of SIMON’s earlier achievement.   SIMON is now carrying on researching and developing the products of the future. The LED era is now arrived and SIMON is committed to provide to its client high-standard products based on LED technology.

Saving up to 90% power consumption and lasting for over 50,000 hours compared to ordinary lamps, SIMON LED lighting is good for you and the environment.

5 reasons to choose SIMON LED

1. Long lifespan:

- SIMON LED lighting is designed to obtain the best LED performance. The average service of life of a LED is 50,000 hours, about 15% longer than ordinary lamps.

- This long service life is not affected by the number of on/off switching operations and the robustness of LEDs compared with the fragility of other lamps enhances service life. - Only basic maintenance required: surface cleaning is sufficient because it is a virtually watertight optical lamp unit.

Advantage: Lower maintenance costs, no degradation of public premises image, and displayed products are always well lit and attractive, promoting their sale.

2. Unalterable light over time

LEDs achieve a stable level of luminosity that is unalterable over time. Variations of the colour temperature are minimal over the years. 

Advantage: Displayed articles will be well-lit for years, without alterations, with no dark zones or with light that doesn't change colour.

3. High light output

An LED has a high Lm/W output with respect to other light sources. The low heat emissions and lower light dispersion in unwanted directions make it one of the most efficient light sources on the market. 

Advantage: Minimum emission loss means lower energy cost.

4. No emissions of IR or UV radiation

The LED transforms most of the energy received into visible light.

Its heat emission is minimal and is projected in the direction contrary to the light emission.


Advantage: Illuminated products do not deteriorate over time, and they are not affected by heat.

5. Dynamism and Control

LEDs allow complete control of light: intensity, temperature, colour, etc.

They allow you to create changing light effects and lighting scenes to respond to a specific aesthetic intent, permitting personal, differentiating and striking lighting designs.

LEDs contribute to the appeal of premises, creating areas of interest, renown, or simply of aesthetics. They are an additional element in interior design, and can be as important as furniture and other decorative elements.

Advantage: Personalised, changeable and impressive lighting.

SIMON LED range of products:

SIMON LED range of products includes various types of indoor lighting:

*       Panel lights

*       Ceiling lights

*       Downlights

*       Spotlights

*       Wall lights

*       Rope lights

*       Straight pipes

*       Bulbs

SIMON LED can be used in all kinds of environment including Homes hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, display windows shops showrooms offices, and more.

For more information and specific details about SIMON LED products visit the product page and download the LED catalogue from our website.

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