SIMON LED different applications
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The high quality and efficiency of SIMON LED lighting products make them suitable for all kinds of environment and applications. They can be used both in residential housing and professional applications such as in stores, hotels, offices and other places. SIMON LED lighting uses the latest technologies and design so the products are easy to install and perfectly combine with any space.

Commercial spaces

Light is extremely important in the retail industry, it helps products stand out and look attractive at the customers’ eyes. SIMON LED lighting ensures accurate light beam and colour fidelity to create a comfortable environment and cosy atmosphere. The lower heat release also makes SIMON LED lighting suitable to illuminate objects in the short distance, whether clothes, jewellery, food or other products.


LED anti-glare ceiling lamp: SIMON LED downlights and ceiling lamps can be used to illuminate big spaces or highlight specific objects. The products are infrared and ultraviolet radiation free, and the light temperature is kept low thanks to the unique stream diversion cooling structure and the use of special silicon resin. This means that no harm is caused to objects, even in the short distance.


LED conventional anti-fog ceiling lamp: SIMON LED conventional anti-fog ceiling lamp emits a smooth and uniform light comfortable to eyes. The robust lamp structure is water and dust proof. Cleaning the outside structure is enough, thus reducing both cleaning and maintenance costs.


LED track spotlight: SIMON LED track spotlight gives you the flexibility to rotate the light and illuminate objects in different directions. The light is comfortable, the light beam is accurate and ensured high colour fidelity in order to make the product displayed attractive to the public.


LED adjustable spotlight: SIMON LED adjustable spotlight has an exquisite design which fits any type of environment. The spotlight is available with one, two or three lights, perfect to illuminate both small and big locations. The light can rotate in different direction giving flexibility in product display.


Hotel spaces

Lighting is essential in hotels to recreate a comfortable atmosphere for customers and make them feel at home. SIMON lights do not only provide perfect illumination but are also energy saving and highly resistant products, helping hotels to keep both maintenance and reparation costs low. SIMON LED products are available in different light colours that are suitable for every kind of environment. SIMON LED lighting can be used in hotel halls, restaurants and bar areas, conference rooms, guestrooms and others.


LED resin ceiling lamp: SIMON LED downlights and ceiling lamps can build a charming and beautiful illuminating effect, and highlight different areas thanks to the high flexibility of the products. Moreover, the products are suitable to illuminate objects even in the short distance.


LED T8 and T5 types tube lamps: LED T8 and T5 types tube lamps can be used in public spaces and guestrooms to create a dynamic and modern lighting effect. SIMON LED tube lamps can be installed in lamp fixtures and other structures. The lamp structure is highly resistant and the light is smooth and comfortable to eyes.  


LED combined ceiling lamps: SIMON LED combined ceiling lamps available with one, two, or three lamps can be used to illuminate small and big environments, to illuminate specific objects or create a background atmosphere. The linear design perfectly combines with any kind of style and is easy to be installed.


LED flexible harm spotlight: LED flexible harm spotlight is perfect to be used both as a reading light and decorative object. Its harm can be easily moved in various directions to focus the light on different areas.


Office spaces

Whether at the front desk or in conference rooms, lighting in a company is an important part of the enterprise image. This is why each area must be illuminated in the appropriate way in terms of light colour, intensity and even lamp style. Moreover, companies are also sensible to costs. SIMON LED lighting can solve both of these problems. The range of lights suitable for office use is wide and costs are maintained low thanks to low energy use, use of resistant materials which enhances the lifespan of the lights and reduces maintenance costs.



LED track spotlight: SIMON LED track spotlight is perfect to create a professional front desk background, which takes into account both the light quality and the decorating element.


LED panel lamp: SIMON LED panel light can be used in the office area. The light is smooth and comfortable to eyes. It recreates a professional and efficient working environment which is also convenient and enjoyable for the working staff.


LED wall lamps: SIMON LED wall lamps are refined decorative elements that can be used outside office buildings to add some style and make the building exterior more particular and attractive.



LED anti-glare ceiling lamps: Widely used in the public areas, such as toilet and footpath, SIMON LED downlights and ceiling lamps can reach 100% of light intensity in a second and are compatible with timer or movement detection devices. This further helps companies to save energy, which is good both in terms of saving costs and protecting the environment.


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